Is the law valid??
TaliaStamp strikes a timestamp over the Public Authority authorized by Law No. 5070. Stamps that are shot at this point become legally valid and can be used as legal evidence.
Who TaliaStamp Can Use??
- Accountants (for accounting and financial records) - Institutions (Publishers, Law brokers, Advertising agencies, Translation Bureaux etc.)
- Artists (Musicians, writers, etc.)
- Scientists (Article studies, Inventors (to prove that they own their ideas) - Architects (to prove that architectural drawings belong to themselves) - Musicians (to prove that their compositions belong to themselves)
- Authors (to prove ownership of texts and books)
- Screenwriters (to hide their scripts and prove their own)
- Poets (to hide their poems and to prove their own)
- Photographers (to preserve their special photographs and to prove their own)
- Companies (for contracts, proposals, personal files, own product information, etc.)
- Doctors (to keep patient files)
- Researchers (to keep the books and prove their own)
- Entrepreneurs (to keep their ideas and to prove their own)
- Software developers (to keep the source code of the software and to prove their own)
- Graphic Designers (to prove that they own their designs )
- Fashion Designers (to prove that they own their designs and to prove their own)
- Bloggers (to prove that blogs are theirs and theirs)
How to upload files to TaliaStamp?
It's very easy to upload files to your TaliaStamp device. Once the users are created and authorized, each user can send their files to their folders via the web, via FTP, or via file shares on their neighbors.
Do you need additional writing?
Network interruption, internet connection interruption, etc. the residual stigmatization of the cases is followed by the TaliaStamp and automatically completes when the problem is not resolved. Also TaliaStamp can stamp from different time stamps. More than one folder-based time stamp can be entered.
What happens if the stamp can not reach the server?
TaliaStamp does not need to install additional software. Files are sent via FTP, Windows share or web interface to TaliaStamp. Uploaded files are processed in the background and stamped in a short time without any user intervention.
How is the authorization?
Separate archive and stamping areas can be defined for different departments and persons within the institution. This ensures complete security of files that are stigmatized. For example; the authority to delete the original of the stamped files is given to the system administrator and the deletion of the stamped person can be prevented.
Are confidential files sent to the timestamp server?
The original contents of the files stamped with TaliaStamp remain in the institution. Since only the Hash information is sent to the Time Stamp Server, no information comes out of the file content.
Does it work only with the public PM?
TaliaStamp can also operate over 12M timestamp servers if desired. This server shows that the file has not changed and that it exists on a certain date, but it has no legal validity. Stamps shot through public service providers proves legally valid that the file has not changed and that it exists on a certain date.
Can we stamp different files on different timestamp servers?
TaliaStamp has a very flexible folder-based authorization and timestamp selection feature. Different folders can be authorized by different users. Different timestamps can be selected for different folders. For example, the Contracts folder may be stamped via PublicSM, the proposals folder may be stamped on the 12M Time Stamps server.
How does TaliaStamp work?
It works as specified by the IETF PKIX TimeStamp Protocol (RFC 3161). Because it is a standard protocol, other timestamps can be stamped from the servers. The signatures use the RSA algorithm. The key length is 2048 bits.
Which Time Stamp Servers are supported?
At present, the public and 12M time stamp servers are supported. Work is underway to add new timestamp servers. According to Law No. 5070 of the Public Sector, a legally valid stamp can be issued. Stamps for 12M servers are not legally valid.
Is it necessary to pay a fee every year?
TaliaStamp has a small maintenance fee each year. This price will be paid for new versions of the product and support will be provided in case of distress. However, if maintenance is not taken, the device will continue to operate.
Is the stamp charged?
Public SS charges users per stamp. Approximately 4 flights per salary stamp. The 12M time stamp is free up to 1000 stamps per year.
What if I accidentally change the file?
TaliaStamp keeps the file and stamp together. It does not allow the file in TaliaStamp to be modified. The stamp is always verified with the file to be displayed as evidence on this vault.
What if the TaliaStamp disk is corrupted?
TaliaStamp devices have spare disks. The disk corruption can be retrieved from the backup file by taking the new disk. The device also has Ftp backup feature
What is the difference between TaliaStamp and Notary?
TaliaStamp provides clear evidence that the content of any computer file is available at a certain time and has not changed since then. It is almost impossible to imitate a digital stamp. A single stamp can verify the exact content of 1000 or more pages from your computer. The paper forms and cost associated with the notary are old-fashioned to prove data authenticity. There may be mistakes.
What types of files can be time stamped?
- TaliaStamp is really versatile: any file on your computer can be time stamped.
- This is one of the benefits of our new Digital Cycle; There are many different file types in the digital environment. Examples include:
- Word Processing Documents
- Music Clips and Sound Files
- Pictures, Images, Photos and Video
- Web Pages, Software Source and Executable Files
- Financial Records
- Digital Modeller
Can I timestamp ZIP or RAR files containing many files?
Yeah. Only then, the entire ZIP file must be passed to prove that a single file in the ZIP is genuine.
What are the limits of the time stamped file size?
From a single page to a document, thousands of pages of paper, a small picture to a very large video, all kinds of files can be time stamped. Because the TaliaStamp is stopped inside, it is easy to stigmatize large files.
Can I stamp a file I'm working on?
If the content changes, you will need to re-stamp a file. Even the slightest change causes the damper not to be verified. The TaliaStamp file can be stamped repeatedly at different times because it is so easy to file. TaliaStamp keeps the original and stamp of the file together. Backups of files are also provided on this page.
Are the time stamps of the TaliaStamp device legal?
TaliaStamp Tübitak Public stamps the stamp on the timestamp server. The stamps struck by the public are legally valid according to Law No. 5070.
The time stamp is actively being used legally in Turkey?
Time Stamp is used actively in many places. In particular, E-Archive is widely used for Invoice and E-Invoice. It also requires timely records of prosecution records during attacks on web pages. To prove that software companies own their own code, many companies use time stamps to verify their accounting records.
Can anyone verify the file and timestamp?
The timestamp protocol used is standard. It can be verified by anyone who knows the RFC 3161 protocol.
Is it possible to have a timestamp over the software?
Time stamp can be easily shot using FTP via software. You can also open the REST WebServices API if necessary.
Can log files of network devices be automatically stamped?
Many network and firewall devices have the ability to FTP out logs. By utilizing this feature log files can be stamped with TaliaStamp.
How is copyright protection provided by Internet / online notary public?
According to the Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works signed by 167 countries (Bern Convention), all works are protected from the moment they are created. This protection requires provable documentation; you need to prove that your work is with you. The work you do represents this proof to prove what you have created before anyone else in the world has yet seen it. A reliable digital timestamp provides substantial evidence for the creator.
Can I prove my ownership of my work with a digital timestamp?
A timestamp proves that your creative work exists within a certain time frame. The person can not confirm. A name can also be added to the file to protect your work with time stamps. Or any other technology Electronic Signature can be used.
Does the Copyright Law protect my work?
Yes, but that file has to be proven that it was created at that time. TaliaStamp will give you definite proof that your file's contents are on that date. By adding your ID to the data file, you can provide additional evidence that you are the work.
How secure is the TaliaStamp against attack?
Time stamps can not be shot by anyone. TaliaStamp does not do the stamping itself but hits it through external services. In addition, TaliaStamp has been tested on the web panel security test. There is a small number of services open on the server.
Is the time of the TaliaStamp time stamp my dollar?
The RFC 3161 timestamp is a standard, and according to this protocol there is no time stamp of the time stamped.